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Brain circuits in health and disease

Our brains use a combination of electrical and chemical signalling to transmit information through neural circuits. This enablesneuronal networksto code, process, store and recall information. Research in my laboratory has focused on understanding basic aspects of synaptic signalling and neuronal function both under physiological conditions and in the diseased brain. We are particularly interested in function / dysfunction at the neuronal network level as well as those activity-dependent plasticity processes whose dysfunction can lead to the impaired cognitive function and intellectual disability.

Pharmacological and genetic approaches in CNS disorders

Neuronal network dysfunction is especially significant in neurodevelopmental disorders and in epilepsy. We are working to develop novel pharmacological and gene-based approaches to correct network dysfunction with a major focus on the autism-related disorder Rett Syndrome.

Centre for Neuroscience / Institute of Neuroscience & Psychology / College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences / University of Glasgow / West Medical Building / G12 8QQ / stuart.cobb [at] glasgow.ac.uk; Tel: +44 -(0)141 330 2914; Web: http://cobb.inp.gla.ac.uk/