December 2014: New paper: Biomechanical properties of bone in a mouse model of Rett syndrome


November 2014: Kamal presents latest findings at RSRT meeting in New York and SFN meeting in Washington, DC



November 2014: New paper: Gait analysis in a mecp2 knockout mouse model of rett syndrome reveals early-onset and progressive motor deficits.


November 2014: Stuart gives research overview at the 5th Annual Reverse Rett London Gala




October 2014: Bushra successfully defends her PhD thesis - well done Bushra!



August 2014: We are hosting the Scottish Neuroscience Group meeting.



More details here.



August 2014: The lab attends the RSRA Family weekend in the highlands.

 rsasIMG 0648



July 2014: Symposium announcement.

We will be chairing the Gene Therapy for CNS disorders Symposium at next years Fesitival of Neuroscence meeting in Edinburgh.



January 2014: Annoucement of RSRT consortium



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