Ralph Hector

Ralph Hector is a senior postdoctoral researcher in Stuart Cobb’s group at the University of Glasgow. His work and research interests centre on developing potential therapies for Rett Syndrome, a serious congenital neurodevelopmental disorder. This condition is inextricably linked to loss-of-function mutations in the MECP2 gene, of which there are many. Looking at this from a molecular biology perspective, Ralph is working on ways to optimise this treatment by refining the characteristics of the gene we supply as part of the gene therapy.

Ralph studied Genetics (Bsc Hons) at the University of Glasgow and continued this line of study into a Medical Genetics MSc. He then carried out his PhD research with Dr. Andrew Davison at the Virus Research Centre in Glasgow, conducting a transcript mapping project of the Human Cytomegalovirus genome.

As a postdoctoral researcher, Ralph has worked on a number of projects. In the laboratory of Dr. Linda Scobie, he worked on a gene therapy project related to the treatment of X-SCID patients in one of the first high profile gene therapy trials, and also on the EU Xenome project, designed to generate animals that would be suitable for xenotransplantation. At the University of Edinburgh, he worked with Dr. Sander Granneman in various avenues of RNA biology, primarily developing a new methodology for analysing RNA secondary structures with high-throughput sequencing. Ralph also spent a year in industry, developing molecular biology workflows with a new biotechnology company focused on microRNA information.

Selected publications

  • Hector RD, Burlacu E, Aitken S, Le Bihan T, Tuijtel M, Zaplatina A, Cook A, Granneman S (2014) Snapshots of pre-rRNA structural flexibility reveal eukaryotic 40S assembly dynamics at nucleotide resolution. Nucleic Acids ResearchSept 8 2014 (Epub)
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