stuartStuart Cobb studies the properties of brain cells and circuits including the plastic properties of synapses and networks. A major effort is in understanding both the normal physiology of such systems as well as how such processes are affected in neurodevelopmental disorders, particularly Rett Syndrome. Another focus of the lab is aimed at developing innovative approaches to treat such disorders including pharmacological and gene-based strategies.


Stuart Cobb received training in Pharmacology (1st Class BSc) before conducting graduate studies at the University of Oxford. His PhD research with Professor Peter Somogyi FRS and the late Eberhard Buhl investigated the role of GABAergic neurons in shaping the activity of hippocampal networks. He also has experience in working within the biosciences industry. Stuart worked on the neuromodulatory control of hippocampal circuits with Professor Ceri Davies before establishing his research group at the University of Glasgow. He maintains good links with the pharmaceutical industry and collaborates with a number of other academic research groups.

Stuart is a member of the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of Glasgow. In addition to research, his teaching commitments include being coordinator of the pharmacology degree. His university homepages can be found here.